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Hi guys,
Sorry to report more spam guest book messages on my account ( I thought the updates were supposed to stop the spam getting through. Sorry, I have deleted the entry but it was from a colon cleansing company from Washington! I don' t know if you can retrieve deleted data to review. If I get some more I will forward it.

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Hi Richard,

Sorry you received spam.

We are working on a new system that should be easier for your customers to use and harder for the annoying spam robots to foil as it will be bespoke for Holiday Site Builder. The problem with Google's ReCaptcha (which is what we currently use) is it is used by many other sites, so people who write robots can test and refine their robots. Our new system will not allow robot writers to test and refine their robots.

The changes are part of a large number of improvements we are rolling out in just over a month.

If you receive more spam please tell us.


Holiday Site Builder

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