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Hi Gordon,

We offer two services you may be interested in - an Affiliate service and a "Portal" service.

Details of Holiday Site Builder's Affiliate system can be found using the links below. The pages also explain the payments that would be made when customers join using your promotion code.

The "Portal" service is more complicated and requires a setup fee from you of £100. It allows you to create websites for your customers and charge whatever fee you see fit. Companies that sign up to the Portal service usually add vaule through another service e.g. photography, property management etc, which enables them to charge more than the standard Holiday Site Builder fee. We will create a website for you to advertise your services.

We can send you more details if you think you would be interested in the "Portal" Service.


Holiday Site Builder


Name: Gordon Bee

Message: Good day
I run a website advertising holiday homes for let, and would be interested in selling your services to my clients.
Do you offer trade terms?
Or an introduction fee?

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