Can you give any tips on how to improve my search rankings?

1) Register a domain for your site as early as possible. You get one domain included in the HolidaySiteBuilder package so request the domain name as soon as you can. You have no chance of being indexed by Google until you have a domain!
2) Ensure you only have one relevant domain pointing to your site - at least until you appear in Google's search rankings.
2) Ensure your site has plenty of text - especially in photo captions and descriptions. Remember that search engines can't index pictures. This is why HolidaySiteBuilder allow you to add titles to all images.
3) Build links to other sites and get them to link back to you. The more relevant sites you can get to link to you the higher you'll rank. HolidaySiteBuilder allows you to add links to other sites in the Text (Optional) section of your Dashboard.
4) Be patient! The Google indexing robot only visits your site about once a fortnight.

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