Resizing photos before uploading them to your website

HolidaySiteBuilder only allow uploading of GIFs and JPEGs and all images must be less than 2MB. We recommend a great tool called Image Resizer from Microsoft.

For Windows XP

Image Resizer is a totally free "PowerToy" for Windows XP that allows you to resize your image files with one simple right-click.
Here is a link to the Microsoft Powertoy Page:
Click on the "Power Toys" tab and download the "Image Resizer"

For Windows Vista or 7 or 10

The XP Image Resizer does not work on Vista or Windows 7. However, some nice people have created a free "Image Resizer Clone" that can be downloaded here -

Please see the video below which explains how to use Image Resizer. The "Image Resizer Clone" works in exactly the same way.

For Mac

There is an image resizer on the Apple Mac App Store. Please see the following link for details:

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