What are the different sections available for my web site?

You can have all or some of the following sections on your web site. You must have certain sections otherwise your site would look a bit bare! We have split the sections into ?Required? or ?Optional? as we realise you want to get your site online as soon as possible, but you will want more advanced functionality in the future.

1. Home page

- Home Page Introductory Description of your Property (Required)
- Highlights - Bullet Points on the Home Page (Required)

2. Property Page

- Holiday Property Description (Required)
- Property Key Facts - Bullet Points on the Property Page (Required)
- Holiday Property Facilities - Bullet Points on the Property Page (Required)

3. Gallery

- Photos - all photos you upload for the required pages are also added to the photo gallery. You can add up to 200 photos (Optional)
- Video - You can optionally add a video (Optional)
- 360 Panoramas - You can optionally add up to 5 panoramas (Optional)

4. Local Info

- Description of Your Area (Required)
- Local Information Key Facts - Bullet Points on the Local Info Page (Required)
- What to See and Do During Your Stay (Optional)

5. Prices and Availability

- Prices (Required)
- Calendar (Optional but highly recommended)
- Notes on Calendar (Optional)

6. Directions

- Maps & aerial photo (Required)
- Directions (Required)
- Useful Links (Optional)

7. Guestbook (Optional)

8. Contact Us

- Contact Form (Required)
- Contact Info (Optional)

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